5 Ways to Practice Self Care & Love


Have you ever wondered why in the safety briefing on planes, they always ask you to fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others? 

This is because you can't help someone else until you help yourself. It is the same in life, you can't take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. Now most people think this is selfish but lets take the plane again as an example. Imagine your trying to fit someone else's mask and then you loose consciousness, now no one is in a good situation.. all because you didn't take care of yourself first! Here are 5 ways to start:

1. Take time for yourself
Juggling the responsibilities of day to day life weather it be work or family life most of us tend to put ' ME TIME' aside. We cannot stress how important it is to make the time, even if its 5 minutes in the bath with some bubbles and a good book. Take the time to just be by yourself and do something for you. It gives you an opportunity to relax, refocus and recharge! 

2. Say No
For us this took a lot of practice, If your a people pleaser saying no can sometimes be hard, but if you do not want to do something then don't! If you do not want to see someone then say no or if your offered work but it doesn't feel right for then don't take it. The right opportunity will come along you do not have to say yes, not unless it feels right for you. Never say yes because you feel obligated to please someone else. This is the main reason many people are unhappy and this goes back to the oxygen mask situation, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST! It takes a bit of practice but once your start doing this it makes the world of difference to your life. 

3. Treat yourself
No ones saying go mad and spend all your money but treat yourself to something you really want , make yourself feel good. Don't rely on others to do so and you will feel good knowing you did something for yourself. 

4. Postitive Affirmations
When you’re in a negative mindset you’re unable to make a positive impact on others because you don’t see the point in it. Positive affirmations keep your mindset high vibe and you may feel uncomfortable for the first few days but once you start doing them you won't want to stop. 

5. Exercise
Take a walk in the fresh air, do some yoga, go to gym whatever you prefer but exercise releases good endorphins into the body and is scientifically proven to boost your mood. It also gives you that time out for you! 

Help yourself, so you can help others. 

Put the oxygen mask on. 

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