Show Me To The Studio

I started this brand from my bedroom and although I have had some delays which are completely out of my hands. I have gone back and forth about if this is the right decision but this is my best option, not to mention is everything I have ever wanted In a Studio!

It is a safe space for women to come and work on their mindset and wellness. I am so happy to be able to use this space to help others online and in person.

Designing the interior has been one of my favourite parts of this journey. Its something I have dreamed about ever since I can remember. My first internship I kept thinking one day this will be me. It is really is hard not to burst with excitement but I am trying to stay cool as a cucumber. At least untill I get in the place.

I want my studio to reflect the brand it needs to be simple, mindful and ethical. I want to empower women so the space needs to reflect this. Zuela for me has a boho vibe, we are all about holistic healing through crystals and all our products are organic. Bamboo plays a big part in the collections and everything is recyclable.

Since becoming a vegetarian I don’t wear leather or anything animals related only faux. So when designing my space I looked at wickers, whites, linens & cotton velvets.

I am OBSESSED with the latest trend, blush velvet chairs. So of course when I saw they were on sale in Dunelm I jumped at the chance to buy them.

The reason I call my space a studio is that is much more then just an office. It will be a photo studio, packaging and distribution centre, customer service, design and development and as we grow so will the needs for the space.

See you there!


𝒮𝓉𝑒𝒻𝒻  ☾