Why I started my Brand – My mental health story

I am often asked why I started my business, to most this may seem like a normal question but to me it’s very personal. I started my business because of my mental health. 





Let’s start at the beginning….

At the age of 14 I sank into a very deep depression, at the time I had no idea what was happening to me. I’m pretty sure most of my family and friends thought I was just going through a teenage phase. 

I began to really dislike myself and then started self harming to forget the pain in my brain. I tried everything to hide it but eventually it came out, this led to being bullied and called an attention seeker at school and having my parents constantly watching me. 

Not a lot of people know this but I attempted suicide and that was the turning point where I finally got help.

10 years later though and I was still struggling with depression and anxiety. I found it hard to leave the house and would constantly have panic attacks, over things that would seem trivial to most. 

Due to having a pretty nice childhood, I felt I wasn’t justified to feel this way. I hid it from everyone I could, I suffered for years in silence putting on a brave face and quite frankly it was hell.  When you have anxiety you’re paranoid, shakey, your heart pounds and you literally feel like you are going crazy. You can’t sleep, you feel fatigued and tired for no reason and your energy is drained from what’s going on, so you experience severe brain fog…To mention a few symptoms. 

When I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder, it made sense but I was embarrassed to admit I had a mental illness. I had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and ended up having 4 rounds of this, 6 sessions at a time. It did nothing for me! It just did not work for me. I tried medication, counselling, Emotional Freedom Techniques and self help books. It was so frustrating it felt like no one could help me. 

One day I picked up a crystal and I could feel the energy bounding through it, I started to research them and realised I could use them as a healing tool. This was the beginning of my recovery. 

Eventually I decided to try hypnotherapy as a friend had recommended it to me. This was a game changer. My mind completely started to change. I went from having severe anxiety to mild. It took time but my therapist said he had never seen a worse case turn around so quickly. Let me explain…

Hypno changed my subconscious mind set, it helped me to understand my triggers and deal with them daily. We used crystals as part of the hypnosis to bring comfort to me. The energy from the crystals kept me uplifted and protected. I also had a Bio – resonance health screening which changed my diet to suit my body, discovering I had hormonal imbalances that caused all my mental health issues. Something the doctors had missed! 

Now I excercise regularly and have adopted a healthy lifestyle, with habits like meditation and yoga. I use crystals in my daily life by wearing them in my bra. 






I went through this alone before I shared it with anyone! This led me to think how many other women, even my friends and family are going through the same. That’s when I realised I need to help people. 



Zuela is first and foremost a safe space for other women, the Lingerie incorporating crystals are a tool to help them tackle the day. If even one person can benefit from my message then that’s the most important thing. 



Mind charity have been amazing, I did reach out to them a couple of times when I needed support. They have some great people and resources that quite honestly can save your life. That’s why 5% of Net profits go to the charity, I want to continue to see them help more people. Each person’s  recovery is different and what works for me might not work for someone else, but I’m here to help you figure out what will work for best for you.



I’m very lucky to have incredibly supportive family, friends and boyfriend. Who, since I opened up about my mental health, learned about it, shared their experiences and supported me.



Its not easy to be vulnerable and share my story but its the reason I started my brand. 



When I say I have YOU in Mind, I truly mean it. 
Sometimes we don’t need people to speak up, we just need them to understand we are struggling and be patient with us. 



Please remember you are supported and reach out, don’t wait years to get better. Its a long tough journey but my mental health is now manageable. I want the same for everyone no matter what disorder they are going through. 



Zuela is launching in one week and I am so proud of what I have built to support women. If you need support please reach out. I promise it’s a safe space ♡ 

Join Our Safe Space Here. 




𝒮𝓉𝑒𝒻𝒻  ☾