Top 10 Eco Travel Items

Pack for the Planet, we all know it can be a challenge to keep up your sustainable lifestyle when travelling abroad. 

We have all become more aware of how we can be more conscious when we travel. From not riding elephants and saying 'no' to plastic bags, there are plenty of choices we can make to lessen our impact on the world as we are exploring it. 

Unfortunately though, while it's easy enough to make the 'big impact' decisions, everyday travel can still be a huge accumulator of waste. There are the plastic water bottles you have to buy because the tap water is undrinkable, the takeaway containers from the street food stall down the road, the throwaway coffee cups that keep you fuelled for your adventures. 

The good news is, just by adding a few sustainable travel essentials to your regular packing list, it is possible to reduce your footprint and cut back on plastic quickly and easily. As well as making more eco conscious fashion choices, choosing pieces that last longer and fulfilling your travel wardrobe. 

Here's our guide to the best eco-friendly travel items to help make it easier for you travel more sustainably... 


1. Bamboo Toothbrush 

Rather than purchasing a plastic toothbrush, bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative and they look and feel so much nicer. They are perfect for travelling and often means you can use them longer. We especially love the truthbrush ones as they are have biodegradable & compostable handles and plant based bristles. 

2. Ocean Friendly Sun Cream 

Wearing suncream that is ocean friendly not only is better for your skin but also prevents polluting the sea on your travels. To avoid adding any more pollution and micro plastics to the environment its best to be 100% reef safe, so this is a great alternative. Our personal favourites are Green People .  

3. Reusable Straws

We personally love to take our straws away so that we know we never have to use plastic! They are also great for when traveling in the UK because don't you just hate it when your cardboard straw falls apart right in the middle of a fresh smoothie. 

4. Sustainable Swimwear 

Wearing swimwear that is more ethical is a great way to be more mindful and have pieces that last.

A couple of our favourites are Stay Wild Swimwear, Emily May Swimwear  and Bright Swimwear. All of these brands use either recycled materials or contribute to helping the planet by giving a % of their proceeds. We are firm believers that as brands we should all play a part in designing the best version of the future so we love to find other fashion businesses that care. 

5. Canvas Tote Bag 

To avoid plastic bags when travelling its great to take a reusable tote bag plus they make a great fashion accessory, with so many different styles and prints there is plenty of choice around to suit your style. 

6. Reusable Make up Pads 

Rather than taking a ton of make up wipes with you, why not try using a modern make up remover? Face Halo is a non - toxic way to remove your make up. They replace up to 500 wipes using only water. These have to be one of our favourite travel essentials, they also reach further into our pours meaning cleaner and healthier skin! 

7. Sustainable Lingerie 

Our lingerie is made from breathable bamboo jersey, bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources as it grows up to 4 times in day, uses no pesticides and has low water consumption. We feel that our pieces are the perfect travel items because they give you that braless feeling perfect for long flights. Bamboo also has antibacterial properties which prevents you from sweating in hot climates.  

8. Reusable Water bottle 

Taking a reusable water bottle means you can re fill your water and avoid plastic cups. Our favourite is the Global WakeCup bamboo water bottle, it keeps water cold for up to 8 hours even during the hottest weathers. WakeCup is also made from organic bamboo, one of our favourite materials  due to being a renewable long lasting resource. It also looks beautiful!

If you are worried about using foreign water or in a country where the water is not drinkable then a great add on to these bottles is the lifesteel water filter straw

9. Eco Washing bag 

Wash your swimwear, lingerie and other pieces sustainably whilst traveling with Guppy Friend. Simply wash the synthetic fabrics in the bag, capture the micro-plastics and empty them into a bin to stop them entering the water systems. Perfect for travel 

10. Plastic Free Deodorant 

Plastic free deodorants are better for your skin and much kinder to the environment! Our favourite is Kutis Natural deodorant, Made from 100% natural ingredients this cruelty free deodorant is the perfect travel size. It is paraben free and their card tubes are completely biodegradable and recyclable making this natural deodorant super eco- friendly and far healthier for your skin.