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ASK ZUELA: What is Crystal Healing?

ASK ZUELA: What is Crystal Healing?

It was the moment I first glared into the glimmer of a ''rose quartz'' that I knew my life had changed. A long journey inspired by the struggles of mental health and driven by a search for inner peace led me to the unforgettable discovery of the immense healing power and influence of crystals. But crystals are so much more than just stones, they harness a deeper energy and meaning. As a certified crystal healer, I am often asked about how to tap into this.

As my journey continues, I have found that my clients' most heartfelt desires are the need for a safe space to explore their energetic imbalances and a helping hand to find their inner healer, and so - I created rituals, tools, techniques and offerings that ease anxiety, curb inflammation and embody true alignment in the way nature intended. With majority of these being focused around crystals. Below I have answered your most asked crystal questions to offer insight into these beautiful stones:

What is crystal Healing? 

Crystal healing is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. It involves realignment of energetic frequencies, removes emotional & energetic blocks while allowing for soul learning, healing and spiritual growth. It assists in all areas; energetic imbalances can end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues. It can help support you in areas you feel you might need some support. Crystal healing involves placing crystals on the body and allowing your aura to connect to the energy to realign. This can also be done via distance healing where the crystals are placed on a body layout to support you energetically. It is all about energy and realignment. 

How do crystals Work?

Crystals help us change our frequencies or change the frequencies in our environment. By doing that, it allows us to do some emotional and physical healing, they are a tool that allows us to do that.

 Crystals are energy increasers, which is why we love them because of our health and well-being all depend on energy. We are energetic beings. If something comes into our environment whether that be a person, object, place, event it affects our energy. Just like if our diet is a really great, healthy, high-vibe that increases our energy, that betters our health. Crystals can do the same. They resonate with the cellular systems within our body and increase our energy frequency. This is well - documented in science, mainly physics. Dr Theodore Baroody shows that many different types of alternative healing modalities produce an alkaline-forming body reaction. Alternative healing like crystal healing helps our bodies to get more into vibe or into an alignment with an alkaline-forming body reaction. We want that because an alkaline-forming body reaction, raises our energy, and that is great for our healing. So although it is all about intuition and feeling, there is a science behind how crystals support us. 

What crystals should you start with? 

When it comes to crystals it's an intuitive process, if you feel drawn to a certain one, then it's usually something you need. Let your energy and gut feeling be your guide. Your body will know what you need, all you need to do is listen. Breathe deeply, take a moment and let yourself be guided to what you need. Crystals will often let us know when we need them. 

How can you use your crystals? 

Many of us when we first start tapping into crystals, grab them throw them in our bags and expect them to have a magical affect but think of crystals like a friend, you have to connect and share with them to really get that support back. A great way to start using crystals is by setting intentions, think about what you want your crystals to support you with or how you wish to use it and intend on that being its soul purpose. By setting intentions you are letting the crystal know what is there for and also aligning your mind, body and soul with that same energy. An example of this is using an Amethyst and setting the intention to have a deeper and calmer sleep. Knowing this you would place this crystal beside your bed. Hold or meditate with it before you sleep and focus your energy around how it can support you in being calmer, more relaxed and sleeping uninterrupted. 

Where can you place crystals in your home? 

You can place crystals around your home to create a beautiful and calm environment. For protection and removing stagnant energy crystals such as Black Onyx and Tourmaline can be placed in doorways and hallways. Other crystals such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz are great for keeping beside the bed and in the bathroom to create a relaxed and calm space. Placing them somewhere intentional and where you feel the energy will flow is important, there is no right or wrong but ensuring they are in a sacred and respected space can help to encompass their energy around your home. 

Journal Prompts for getting to know your crystals: 

- How do I feel when I am around this crystal? 
- What are some of the thoughts I am having?
- How is my body responding? 
- What positive feelings are coming from this? 
- What are these feeling helping me to realise? 

Those most important thing to remember that this practice is for you, let your intuition flow and allow yourself to fall into alignment. If you want to dive deeper or book in a session with me then you can do so here

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