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Crystals for Self Pleasure & Healing

Crystals for Self Pleasure & Healing

Crystals have been used to support us in many ways, from ancient rituals to skin routines, and protecting our homes but in recent years with the popularity of crystals growing, so have the ways in which we use them. Self love is an essential part of healing especially when diving deeper into overcoming variants such as sexual trauma, self- confidence and fear of intimacy. 

Many women and advocates have shared their journeys with these healing tools and how to use them. From crystal yoni eggs to crystal wands, there are an array of crystal themed intimates to support you on your journey. 

Here are some we discovered from trusted and supported communities that can guide you on the best way to try and explore them. 

Yoni Eggs 

"Yoni" meaning the womb, or sometimes the vulva, is referred to especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone. Yoni Eggs have been used to transform stored trauma and connect to the feminine energy in the body, support period issues and improve the pelvic floor. 

It's important when putting anything into the body to ensure that these practices are safe and that you are supported. Which is why you want to work with crystals that have not been chemically treated and also ensure you are working with a professional practitioner.  

Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are made from 100% crystal and are used for self pleasure and sometimes de-armouring trauma. In cases of de-armouring (a way of releasing blockages, stagnant energy, emotions and tension from the body) this should be guided by purchasing from a trusted professional. Crystal wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the individuals desire. Popular crystals are Rose Quartz for self love, Amethyst due to its calming properties, Jade and Clear Quartz. Black Obsidian is also often used for those looking to be more grounded or heal trauma. 

Practitioners & Safe Places to Shop 

Amy also known as Temple of the feminine is a trauma informed, somatic sexual healing coach with expertise in tantric energy work and the sacred feminine arts. She offers guidance and support as well as selling yoni eggs and wands

Rosie Rees is a leading Sex & Relationship Coach, founder of crystal sex toy company 'Yoni Pleasure Palace' and creator of the well-known three hour Women's Nude Yoga workshop, 'Naked Awakening'. 

Grace Hazel is a women’s healing and sexuality witch/mentor and host of the podcast ‘Conversations with Pussy”, she teaches women how to awaken the life force located between their thighs. 

Amy Rushworth is a transformational healing priestess and coach for rebellious women. She takes a stand for your wild dreams, deep love and sexy, embodied abundance. Amy is obsessed with getting you spiritually and emotionally liberated, so you can share your magic and medicine with the world.

If you are looking to learn more and start your journey with embodiment. Amy will be hosting a guided session on our Instagram 'Embodying Sensuality and The Healing Properties of Self Pleasure'

Image used by Temple of the Feminine - Mini Temptress Rose Quartz Wand

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