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10 Ethical & Eco friendly Brands We Love

10 Ethical & Eco friendly Brands We Love
We love finding female-founded sustainable brands and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you and empower them as they do us. That's why we have put together a directory of our favourites so you can #shopethicalinstead this holiday season.  


We fell in love with their pieces because they have a purpose. 

Stay Wild Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand crafted from regenerated nylon and unwanted waste from oceans and landfill. They create beautiful pieces that promote body positivity and inclusivity. Supporting the planet and making swimwear that lasts. 


We love how easy they make sustainable living, when at home or on the go. 

Sasstainable creates ethically made products that conserve the earth’s natural resources by replacing eco-destructive products with attractive and sustainable alternatives. Their collection consists of bamboo cutlery, toothbrushes with canvas bags and holders. 


we adore that their tags are made from 100% plantable paper which means if you plant, love and care for your tag, they will grow into a plant. This is what you call circular fashion. 

Tala makes upcycled clothing products. Each piece is designed with the environment in mind and are unique with their ingeniously created plantable tags. 


We love how innovative Brushd are, in creating sustainable products such as mouthwash tablets. 

Brushd are a natural, eco-friendly dental care brand. We have seen our fair share of beautiful bamboo toothbrushes but what makes Brushd so unique is their dental supplements, mouthwash tablets and charcoal dental floss. 


We love how Grace & Green make period products mindful, healthier and eco-conscious. Supporting each of us with a sensitive time of the month and ensuring we are empowered and safe. 

Grace & Green are an organic & eco-friendly period products brand.  Focussing on natural feminine hygiene. Using 100% organic ingredients that are 0% harmful. 


We love Erin's eco-friendly mission to support others and how she uses stunning pineapple leather to create her pieces. 

Erin Hayhow is a couture fashion designer making pieces from 100% recycled materials and raising money for pilgrims hospice and pancreatic cancer. 


We love to feel fresh all day without sacrificing the environment or our health. Our favourite part of Coconut Matter is their mood deodorants designed to fit different moods of the day. 

Coconut Matter is an eco-friendly beauty brand.  They have beautiful collections ranging from deodorant to lipstick. Each deodorant has been created to last 4 months, meaning that just 4 deodorants will last a whole year and are completely paraben-free, vegan, ethically made and impactful. 


We love the combination of crystals and self-care that Nurture box encompasses. Their beautiful bamboo boxes and care packages are the perfect pick me up. 

Nurture box is a holistic spiritual shop creating care packages for mindful living. Their pieces included crystals, sage, homemade beeswax candles and bath salts.  


We love how Holistica infuses their products with crystals and focuses on alternative wellbeing. 

Holistica aims to transform the relationship you have with your skin. They take 360º approach to wellness and their products consist of facial mists infused with crystals and oils. As well as services such as wellness roadmaps and personalised skincare plans. 


We love Hurrs approach to sustainability and how they share our love of fashion and the planet. They are the Airbnb of fashion. 

Hurr is for the forward-thinking woman. They rent luxury items making it easy to dress to impress without sacrificing the environment. Reusing and reducing waste, as well as hosting pops, events and offering personal styling. It's the new way to shop sustainably. 

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