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Meet Lauren May

Meet Lauren May
As a female founded brand we are constantly inspired by the women in our community. The women in wellbeing, the women who model for us and the empowerment, drive and love behind them. Meet Lauren our model for our latest campaign and the woman behind wellbeing brand The Leukos: 

Tell us a little bit about you? 

HI! I'm Lauren May I'm 27 from Leicestershire I'm a full time plus size/ curve model and founder of The Leukos Lifestyle brand. If you're into signs I'm a Leo sun Libra rising and Libra Moon so I like to think of myself as quite a balanced person with a lot of love.

We love how openly you talk about body confidence and wellbeing, what led you to dive deeper on this journey? 

I had a bit of bad experience at school with bullying but growing into my own and being a bit of loner actually did me the world of good. It allowed me to express myself through my images and capturing my body in a way I find beautiful has definitely helped with my confidence. I "hid" behind a screen at the start and wouldn't post or say too many things that were out the box but I definitely learned that a lot of people felt the way I did and had their own struggles that acceptance pushed me to do more. Wellbeing is a big thing to me and like everyone I have my up and down days but I think it's about giving yourself time to stop, reflect & work through the things you are struggling with and turn them into your strengths. It's beautiful to receive messages from women and men that have been struggling with their mental health and have found a little bit of peace & value through something I've shown or said. 

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

The things that people think are your weaknesses are actually your strengths. I also think that growing up from being bullied to being who I am today I've always remained kind to people I think that's served me well. 

Tell us what, Self- Love means to you?

Being honest with yourself and not feeling guilty for decisions you have made for yourself( golden rule- if it doesn't hurt anyone and makes you happy go for it).
I think there are so many acts of self-love. it could be getting yourself that one thing you have been putting off for a while, going for a walk, refuelling your body with goodness or putting on your fave lingerie and taking some pics (my personal fave). Self-love isn't all materialistic either even the fact of being kind to another can make you feel great or a work out ect. There is a lot of emphasis on being kind to others but I feel a part of self-love is remembering to be kind to yourself and your thoughts. Understanding we are all on a journey learning, I feel learning about yourself and who you are on a deeper level is an important part of self love. 

What inspired you to start The Leukos, can you share more of your story with us? 

SO...I took about 6 months out of modelling in-between agencies and it was coming up to Christmas. Cashflow wasn't great but I wanted to give everyone a gift so I decided I was going to make everyone a hamper. I made everyone Lavender candles, bath salts and a handpicked crystal for them. Everyone loved the hampers and I loved making them and realised it was a perfect job for me to be able to create and spread good energy. Eventually I decided to create The Leukos which means The Light in Greek. It was important for me to have the light aspect in the name as I felt I was stepping into my light and doing something for myself and sharing handmade with love. The absolute main thing for me is to make beautiful pieces and wellness products such a Seamoss gel available to everyone that a price that is fair and attainable for everyone. I think this also spreads awareness of wellness products and alternative methods for mental health and general health rather than lots of meds. I just want everyone to have the knowledge to make informed decisions about the products they decide to purchase. 

Why do you think wellness practices are so important? 
I believe that we are all like little orbs of light that need to be recharged. We all spend a lot of time in this digital world and don't always take time for ourselves or when we do, they normally involve the digital world such as movies etc.. I think that we are all on different frequencies too and taking time to be on the "love" frequency of doing something we are fully immersed in and genuinely enjoying is so important and allows your body to get the energy it needs. I believe everything needs balance we can work super hard but you also have to do things that make you happy else we end up drained and its harder to get yourself out of a bad state of mind without positive energy around. 

It's been a difficult year for many of us, do you have any insights or advice you would like to share with our audience?  
We all need to try and stay on that love frequency. Help a neighbour out, reach out to an old friend, take some time for yourself, read a book, get a new hobby. Small acts of kindness can make the biggest difference + ALWAYS crack a smile even when you don't think you want to. Try and get outside once a day, if it's not possible meditate and take a social media break! 

Laurens look is from our new collection HEAL, available for Pre - order now. 
To follow along with Laurens journey and shop The Leukos.

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