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5 New Years Eve In Ideas to help you reflect and reset

Washing hands in 2020
2020 has been a year like no other and challenging for many of us. 2021 energy is on its way, you made it through the year! That my loves is enough, honour yourself and all that you have survived. As we move into this new energy of the year and the cancer full moon its the perfect opportunity to wash away the past, reflect and reset. As we try to put this year behind us, I wanted to share 5 New Years Eve In ideas to help you embrace 2021 and invest in rest. 

1. Write a Letter to your future self 
"Dear Future me, never take life for granted!" Remind yourself of the lessons of this year and release that feeling of overwhelm. Your future self will thank you for it and Future Me have a great free site where you can email a letter to yourself in the future. I have made this part of my yearly ritual to reflect on my achievements, lessons, gratitude and what went wrong. 

2. Make a vision Board 
Make it your year regardless of the world around. Find peace in stillness and gratitude in what you have and then envision your dreams and goals for this next year. Find some old magazines and cut and stick images to make a vision of energy or use Bold Tuesdays Vision board reimagined giving you all the tools you need to get started. Want a digital vision board? use tools like Canva to create an online vision that you can download and take anywhere. 

3. Create a Crystal Routine
Just because you're staying home doesn't mean you can't get dressed in something special and make yourself feel good. Pop on your favourite Zuela piece, set an intention for the new year and place your crystals in your pockets. The vibrational frequency of the crystals in our specially designed pockets will promote the flow of energy through the body so that you can feel energised and supported. 

4. Take a virtual Yoga or Pilates Class
Move your body and connect with yourself as you move into a fresh new start to the year. Maia Wellco have some intuitive classes and an amazing membership with a 7 day free trial Move with Maia ,if you are looking to start moving more in 2021. Barre Balance also have some fabulous online Barre classes that will help you get your mojo back before heading into the new year. 

5. Have a Tarot Reading 
Leave the shit at the door, reflect, clear and break up with 2020. Use this time to reflect on what you have learnt this year and get some guidance with an intuitive Tarot session. I had my mystical forecast reading with Giselle La Pompe - Moore from Project Ajna and feel so refreshed and ready to start the year. She also offers a Break up with 2020 digital download to guide you into this new space. 

woman doing yoga

Whatever happens next year, have hope it will get better. Make it a year for you regardless of the world around. Find peace in the stillness and gratitude in what you have 

Sending you all love and strength as we move into this next year with what feels like much of the same but may bring great change. Thank you for your constant support! We have some exciting surprises coming for you over the next year.

Kisses - Z

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