The 5 Best Crystals to keep in your Bra

If you are anything like me and love wearing crystals in your bra then you will know already it is the secret to feeling supported throughout the day. My love of crystals is what led me to start Zuela in the first place. A huge part of my daily self-love routine is to wear crystals in my bra. After losing so many of my precious stones I designed our Crystalwear Collection with specially designed pockets to hold healing crystals in. 

Healing crystals can be used in many different ways but one of my favourites has always been to wear them in my bra, keeping them close to my heart and raising my vibration. Wearing crystals has many benefits including healing, supporting, protecting, grounding and many more. They become our vibrational medicine as their energy stabilises ours. 

It is no wonder that one of the main questions we always get asked is
" What are the best crystals to keep in my bra?" with that in mind I wanted to share our 5 favourites and how they can support you. 


Raises self esteem, restores confidence and positive self affirmations.

Rose Quartz is the stone of self-love, love for life, your family and friends. Meditating with rose quartz provides love energy all around oneself and activates that heart chakra. It can help in healing heart wounds and restoring confidence. It is calming for the mind and releases worry, fear and anxiety. Hold stones before placing in bra and use the affirmation "I am in love with myself and my body " This is one of the most popular stones to wear as it's connected to love and the heart chakra, so by wearing it close to your heart it stimulates feeling loved. 


Promotes Happiness and Abundance 

Citrine is like Vitamin C for the soul. It is a great stone for motivation and manifestation. Its positive energy is powerful when working towards goals. Citrine connects with the solar plexus chakra which supports in building confidence as well as promoting positive self-talk. Hold stones before placing in bra and use the affirmation "I fully embrace my courage, confidence, success and self-worth" 


Promotes Healing and Good Luck 

Green Aventurine is known to bring abundance. It helps calm negative emotions and supports in healing. It aids in decision making and indecisiveness. Hold stones before placing in bra and use the affirmation "Good Luck follows me everywhere I go" 


Helps improve intuition, connect with physic abilities & is a protective stone. 

Amethyst has many spiritual properties attributed to it. It is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It can be an aid in giving up bad habits. It can clear one's energy field of negative influences and help to counter addictive behaviour like quitting smoking & drinking. Amethyst is a connective stone and enhances physic and holistic abilities. If you are looking to connect with your higher self, this is a great crystal for you. Hold stones before placing in bra and use the affirmation "I am calm, peaceful and relaxed in my mind, body and soul" 


Raises self esteem, restores confidence and positive self affirmations.

Blue Lace Agate is calm and soothing, It can help with anxiety or racing thoughts. It eases negative emotions and is linked to the sky so whenever you feel you need to talk to the clouds this is the crystal for you. Hold stones before placing in bra and use the affirmation "I speak my truth and  stress is leaving my body" 


Our first recommendation is of course to use your Zuela Bra designed to conceal your crystals on the left seam close to your heart and supporting them from rubbing or falling out throughout the day. We also, use small pocket crystal chips that are smooth and small to fit into these discreetly. If however you do not have a Zuela Bra and want to try crystals before purchasing one then we recommend choosing small, flat stones and placing them in an organic cotton or organza bag.

You can also wear your crystals skin to skin, please make sure when doing this that the crystals you are using have been produced in a non-toxic way and are clean before placing next to this delicate area of your skin. Crystals do not need to be touching your skin in order to work, their frequency reaches much further than you think so having a small piece of material between them won't make a difference to the effectiveness of the stones. 

If you want to know more about crystal frequencies then keep an eye out for our other blog posts. 

Kisses - Z 

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