What Is Womb Steaming & Should You Try It?

Yoni steaming also known as womb and vaginal steaming is a holistic health practise that dates back to ancient times supporting in healing the womb. Our wombs hold onto a lot of emotions, memories and traumas. This is all held within our sacral chakra which is one of the energy centres of the body. An unbalanced sacral chakra and unhealed womb may present symptoms such as; Hormone imbalances, low libido, insecurities, depression, feeling mentally unstable, difficulties or pain in the reproductive system or trauma. 

Back in 2018 not long after I launched Zuela, I came over with a blinding pain in my left ovary. I have always suffered from my periods but this was not normal. Eventually, after being laughed at by most of the hospital staff and told nothing was wrong, I found out I had an ovarian cyst bursting. It was an experience that left me feeling physically and mentally drained and since that day I have had many issues with my ovaries, womb and periods. I couldn't understand how a cyst could cause so many other issues. So, of course, I decided to look into alternative healing methods which is when I found womb healing and steaming. 

In recent years it has been spotlighted by women such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen but does it really work? Anyone with a womb can try womb steaming regardless of your identity. We spoke with Olivia Tassinari from The Lilith Brand an energetic womb healer supporting those who wish to explore this practice further. 

What is Womb Steaming? 

'Womb steaming is a practice that dates back to ancient times and stems from a multitude of places around the globe. Womb steaming is also known as vaginal steaming or yoni steaming, (yoni being the Sanskrit word for sacred portal). Some of the locations around the world where womb steaming is deeply embedded in the culture include central America, India, South Africa, Indonesia, and Korea. 
On the physical level, womb steaming is the practice of squatting over a pot of steaming, carefully selected herbs, for 10 to 30 minutes. Today, beautiful and creative wooden and electronic steam seats have been crafted, making steaming more comfortable and approachable. The steam from the pot then surrounds the outside of a female's vulva and enters the vagina and womb space. The herb-infused steam promotes circulation within the body and carries healing properties into the yoni. 
On a spiritual level, the steam brings awareness to the yoni, and with this awareness comes the connection to her root and sacral chakras, ancient wisdom, generational history, energies of past lovers, stagnate trauma… and the list goes on. This awareness, connection, and support of the penetrative steam allows for breakthroughs in healing and an infusion of Divine Feminine power. 
On an emotional level, because steaming helps to unlock stagnate trauma and energies, it will inevitably also unlock emotions. For some, steaming is a helpful practice for working through sexual trauma and feelings of shame and guilt that are often embedded in this intimate area of the body. '

Can you tell us more about the benefits of steaming our yoni's? 
'Our bodies naturally want to heal and are ready for any chance to do so. Therefore, because steaming promotes circulation, this gives the body the energy and movement to do any healing that is necessary. The healing prompted by the circulation and herbs then creates a balanced yoni. This balance then eliminates symptoms like menstrual cramps, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS,  infertility, infections, discoloured or malodorous mucus, dryness, and low libido. '

Are there any risks?

'There are certain situations where someone should not steam. Someone should not steam if they are currently bleeding, are trying to conceive and are post ovulation pre-menstruation, have experienced spontaneous bleeding within the past 3 months, or have been artificially inseminated by the IVF or IUI fertility treatment before the steam session.

There are some occasions where someone should carefully consider whether or not steaming is the right practice for them. Someone should steam at their own discretion or talk with a specialized periosteum hydrotherapist if they are pregnant, using hormonal birth control, have a burning itch in genitalia, have their tubes tied or burned, have the Essure insert in fallopian tubes, or have undergone endometrial ablation.

Other than those conditions, steaming with the correct herbs and duration of time for your symptoms and goals is risk-free.'

What drew you to become a womb steaming practitioner?

'I first tried womb steaming when I was experiencing pain in my womb and ovaries, mostly around the times of ovulation and menstruation. After consulting with a gynaecologist, I was told that nothing was wrong. To this day, I can feel the fury in my heart that sparked after hearing that conclusion. I refused to take that as an answer because it is my body and I knew that pain in my reproductive system was not inevitable, (although women are too are often told otherwise). From there I worked with the recommendations of my homoeopathic doctor, and intuitively sought after and tried womb steaming. I worked with a steam spa in Japan for several months until my husband crafted me a wooden steam chair so that I could practice at home. From steaming and energetic womb healing, I quickly realized that my physical symptoms were intertwined with suppressed trauma. With these practices, one could say I began my womb awakening. After experiencing the lack of holistic awareness and consideration for female bodies in the western medical system, and having uncovered practices that continue to bring me healing on all levels, I was motivated to become a womb steaming practitioner and energetic womb healer. It brings me great joy and purpose to spread the reality that women’s bodies are spiritual and powerful, and that there is always a way to work through physical, spiritual, and emotional pain. '

How have you used this practice to support yourself and your clients? 

'When working with clients, I mainly attract those who desire to dive deep into all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms to bring about healing. I always incorporate energetic womb healing into our sessions, so common outcomes are a feeling of wholeness and digested trauma. Personally, I use steaming once a week to connect with this sacred part of myself, as well as to keep my yoni physically balanced. Although I have come a long way, I believe that my womb space will always be a place in my body that needs extra love and care, and womb steaming is a tool for doing this. '

How do you assist others in tapping into their innate power?
'The resources that I offer for assisting others to tap into their innate power are information on womb steaming, virtual energetic womb healings, virtual courses, and a virtual support group. In addition to these services, showing up as my authentic self who is traversing the waters of uncovering her femininity and divinity may be what some find most supportive.'

What advice would you give to those who want to connect to their feminine energy?
'The first piece of advice that I would give is to expect darkness. I would advise that, although we have been conditioned to think otherwise, darkness is inevitable, beautiful, and a portal into healing, light and joy. So, I deeply respect any woman choosing to connect with her dark, fluid, intuitive, creative, and endlessly powerful divine feminine self. All that you need lies within YOU. Reach out for support that feels aligned when needed. Lastly, ensure that the support that you choose always points you back to YOUR intrinsic power. You got this!' 

How can people connect with you? 
Website: https://www.thelilithbrand.com/
Email: Olivia.sarabella@gmail.com

Instagram: @thelilithbrand 

Last week Olivia kindly held space for me and I had one of her womb healing sessions, it was extremely empowering and her messages were accurate and uplifting. This led me to ask deeper questions which I would love to ask you. How does your womb need to heal? What emotions or trauma could you be holding here? 

Still unsure and want to dive deeper into this practice and how it can support you, Join myself and Olivia Live on our Instagram on August 5th at 7 am. Sign up here to join us for guidance on Womb Healing & Tapping into your Feminine Energy.

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