Eco - Friendly Crystal Christmas Crackers


Discover the luxury of our crystal crackers this Christmas. We have created beautiful reusable crackers just for you. Made from 100% plastic-free materials. Our crackers are fully recyclable too and can be reused when untied and not pulled. Just take the bows off and keep them to reuse.

Available with our black 100% recycled polyester ribbon. 

Filled with a choice of our signature pocket crystals or crystal bracelets:
△ Rose Quartz - Self Love & raises self-esteem
△ Amethyst - Stress relief & spiritual connection
△ Blue Lace Agate - Calms the Mind
△ Citrine - Happiness & Abundance
△ Green Aventurine - Healing & Good Luck

△ Jasper Dalmatian Bracelet - Grounding, promotes playfulness and strength
△ Jade Bracelet - Positive Health, healing the heart and strengthens and heals the nervous system

Save £11 when ordering a pack of 5 - perfect for dinner parties

The biggest environmental concern with Christmas crackers is that they are used once and then thrown away. One of the best things you can do to help the planet this season is to invest in reusable crackers.

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