Little World Travel Crystal

Carry the world in your pocket as you travel with our unique little world travel crystals. Healing crystals are great travel companions and can be comforting during times of stress.  

Keeping you safe and grounding you throughout your journey. Each world has a map featuring different gemstones such as moonstone for protection during your journey, green aventurine for diffusing negative or stressful situations such as flying, car journeys or trains. Aquamarine for journeys near or over water and Tigers Eye to provide you with strength in overwhelming situations by grounding and supporting you. 

This crystal is especially good for anyone who struggles with stress, anxiety and panic around travelling and can ease nervous tension. This is to be used as an extra comfort and wellness tool. It is also a super cute map of the world and great to snap photos of in each country you visit. Pop it in your pocket or bra for convenience or hold in your hand. 

It also comes with our signature Zuela crystal bags to carry around. 

Tag us on your travels with the #littleworldtravelcrystal #zuelawoman and show us where you are in the world. 

* Price is for 1 piece. When you order, the crystal you receive is chosen for you, so colours may vary as each crystal is unique. All crystals are cleared, cleansed and charged before being sent out to you *

Sourced at our Local crystal warehouse and originated from Brazil. 

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