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Distance Healing

Are you in need of a pick me up? Maybe you are feeling tired and in need of some self-care? 

Crystal healing is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating practice. It involves the realignment of energetic frequencies, removal of emotional and energetic blocks while at the same time allowing for soul learning, healing and spiritual growth. 
Energetic imbalances can manifest in any number of ways, from physical ailments to emotional issues and crystal healing can assist in all of these areas. 
When the time comes for our personalised treatment, it’s simple - all you need to do is find yourself a quiet, comfortable space, sit back and relax. Find that inner calm whilst myself and the crystals connect to your energy. After your session, we'll discuss your experience. Our personalised session will assist in supporting you in areas you feel may need some support from a distance. 

Our session will involve distance healing using crystal grids and layouts by connecting your mind and body to the layout and aligning and restoring your energy and vibrational frequency. This is a holistic healing practice that can help you to keep good energetic hygiene.


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