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Crystal healer with sound bowls

It was the moment I first glared into the astonishing glimmer of a ''rose quartz'' that I knew my life had changed forever. A long journey inspired by the struggles of mental health and driven by a search for inner peace led me to the unforgettable discovery of the immense healing power and influence of crystal stones. 

Through the years, I had been unknowingly but - quite willingly allowing an ever-growing accumulation of stress and anxiety into my life - something we all know too well. As such, my mind, body and soul endured a strong disconnection within one another which naturally led to the diagnosis of a painful chronic illness that had manifested as inflammation in my body and on my skin. 

During the peak of my illness and after many unsuccessful attempts with traditional medicine, my thirst to heal holistically had to be clenched, and this compelled me to explore deeper extending far beyond just the properties of crystals - but also the studies, the history, the physics. No stone was left unturned - so to speak. 

And due to having to wear face coverings during the lockdowns of 2020, my inflammation became increasingly worse which greatly impacted the quality of my skin. Equipped with the knowledge I had accrued of crystals, I was inspired by intelligence derived from Ancient Chinese medicine to design beauty tools which are now embedded into my daily skincare routine.

But long before this, my high appreciation and understanding of the science allowed me to trust my intuitive gifts which further enriched my comprehension of this incredible reservoir of spiritual knowledge. And almost as if a birthright, I pleasantly found myself as a certified crystal healer on a mission to be of service to others.

As my journey continues, I have found that my clients' most heartfelt desires are the need for a safe space to explore their energetic imbalances and a helping hand to find their inner healer, and so - I created rituals, tools, techniques and offerings that ease anxiety, curb inflammation and embody true alignment in the way nature intended.

I founded Zuela because I deeply understand the difficulties experienced when your mind, body and soul are thrown out of alignment. Such a detachment creates a quick erosion to your quality of life. And having had a front seat with such a feat, it has become a life long mission for me to spread and teach a simple yet powerful message and that is, by replenishing your energy you will find the glow within.


Zuela means a loyal friend that will always be there for you through thick and thin. Numerological definition for this name gives a life path number of 2. In most cases those who have this destiny number are considered very sensitive and empathetic people.

During my time at university this was the nickname that my friends gave me and it became an important part of my story. A fun sassy name that I embodied without understanding the true meaning. As an empath I began to struggle deeply with my mental health, I found myself supported by my friends and family who were there for me through it all. This name is much more than just me, it is also for them and their love, support and loyalty. So as I invite you to become a part of the Zuela family, I ask you to honour this community and safe space and the meaning it truly holds in my heart.


Zuela takes a circular approach to mind body and soul helping you find that inner glow. We create mindful rituals and 100% natural, non toxic beauty crystals. Hand polished in their country of origin and derived from ancient Chinese medicine to support in soothing the skin. Using crystal energy combined with skincare to improve overall wellbeing. All our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, whilst each box goes towards planting a tree.