We have formed a partnership with Mind charity in an aid to support mental health and continue to help them provide support, resources and care. 

5% of our net profits are donated to Mind. It is a cause extremely close to our founders heart as the charity helped her during her mental health recovery. We believe that we can make a difference to the mental health community. 

Not only by donating a percentage of our profits but by raising awareness, providing support and wellness tools. 



Lingerie is the closest thing to our body and is for our own sense wellbeing. It is personal to each of us just like our mental health. It can give us confidence we never knew we had. Leading a healthy lifestyle means being well mentally and physically, this results in increased confidence. We support Mind because we believe in supporting you the best we can, with Mind's help we are able to work closely with them to raise awareness. Incorporating healing crystals as part of a daily routine to promote increased health benefits. We want to beat the stigma around mental health, every woman should have a safe space to talk about their mind.