Our natural crystals are sourced from the finest local warehouses in Kent and Surrey. They are sourced directly from their country of origin, such as Madagascar and Mexico. We try to choose crystals that we know can be used to help women to build confidence, calm the mind and harness as wellness tools in times of need. Our founder used her crystals along with other therapies during her recovery from anxiety. She still uses them today and believes they can be a healthy part of our daily routine. Please do not be overwhelmed if crystals are new to you, we have amazing resources, a Facebook group and live videos to support you through your crystal journey...


Crystals admit vibrations of energy. Our universe is in a constant state of vibration. Crystals have a stable dominant oscillatory rate (DOR) which means their vibrational frequency is stable and unchanging. Our DOR is constantly changing due to our emotions, health, environment, diet etc. Due to our frequency being up and down we need some support it maintaining higher stable frequencies.

As we introduce crystals into our aura and energy field, we try to change our DOR to match theirs, This is called entrainment and this is the main focus of crystal healing.

Using entrainment crystals can help support us with energetic imbalances, physical aliments and emotional issues. They can also help us in connecting to our higher and spiritual selves. Good spiritual hygiene is an important part of our wellbeing. Therefore we can use crystals as a healing tool.