Lingerie Designer Steff Pitman presents Zuela, Sustainable lingerie brand helping women to build confidence. We incorporate a pocket full of healing crystals into each bra, to promote wellbeing. In aid of mental health, with 5% of net profits being donated to Mind Charity. Made from breathable bamboo jersey that stretches with each breath you take. It's the ultimate comfort in lingerie. 

Our Founder


I created Zuela after my struggles with mental health, I suffered with anxiety and depression for years and it really affected my confidence. I found comfort in crystals and their energy balanced my emotions and kept my feeling uplifted and protected. I love to wear them as close to my heart as possible which is why I would place them in my bra but I was constantly loosing them so with my background in fashion and lingerie I created Crystalwear. 

Now I understand that a crystal bra is not going to be the sole reason you suddenly learn to heal but it is my hope that it can be a daily wellness toll to reconnect with yourself. The first piece you put on in the morning as part of your morning routine; that reminds you to be kind to yourself. 

With Love & Gratitude,