Im Steff Pitman, the founder of Zuela. I am extremely passionate about helping women to build confidence. I grew up struggling with my mental health and experiencing severe anxiety and panic disorder along with depression.

I found comfort in Crystals, using their energy to balance my emotions, helping me feel uplifted and protected. I have a love for crystals and have a huge respect for their power and beauty. In learning to be more mindful I become more aware of the impact we have on our planet. 

Zuela is my way of helping other women who struggle, to know they are supported and never alone. It gives me the opportunity to not only help women to build confidence but to actively contribute to Mind Charity and work directly with women in our crystal healing sessions.

Through Zuela I am able to support women and share my values. Our mission is to help women find their inner healer, whilst bringing out an inner glow so you can shine your light on the world. By providing you with holistic products and services.

We want to enable you to make healing a part of your daily routine, a sisterhood  that reminds you to be kind to yourself. Healing intimate just like our mental health and something that sometimes we tend to overlook. 

It is my hope that crystal healing and meditation can be a daily wellness tool to reconnect with yourself. 

5% of net profits are donated to Mind Charity

With Love & Gratitude,