During this 3 day retreat, we focus on every aspect of your wellbeing. Restoring and re- balancing your chakras through crystal and reiki healing. You will also be guided through meditation and relaxation with the vibrational sounds of crystal bowls. As well as regime of yoga and pilates classes. 

These sessions will take place in our beautiful natural light  yoga studio featuring heated floors and floor to ceiling windows. Some healing sessions will be outside, with over 19 acres of grounds to support you in connecting to mother earth and your root chakra. 

We have designed this retreat to help you in your healing, using holistic tools and ancient practices proven to increase our vibrational frequency. Healing is not just spiritual but about our mind, body, soul connection. A safe place to connect back to yourself and your crystals. With a focus on moving forward and healing anything that may not be serving you or your energy. 

Retreat in the Canterbury countryside in our cottages. We have many types of accommodation on offer including cottages for 1 - 8 people depending on the type of experience you are looking for and the size of your group.

Our most luxury cottages include, heated floors, log fires and waterfall showers.

We have prepared an exquisite menu of vegetarian dishes for each meal prepared in house by a gourmet chef. 

The two main 1 bedroom cottages have private living rooms, kitchens and a bathroom. The third cottage has 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom depending on the size of your group. 

We also have an adult dormitory that fits up to 8 guests. If you are looking for a sisterhood experience or have a large group. 

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