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Amethyst Glow Gua Sha

Originally used as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua Sha has an ancient history that benefits not only the skin but the body and energy field. Gua Sha dates back to the Palaeolithic age in line with TCM practices. 

Struggling with your skin? Suffering from ongoing inflammation? Or just feeling overwhelmed? Gua Sha is the best friend you never knew you needed supporting you in finding balance and harmony.

The Amethyst Glow Gua Sha curbs inflammation decreases puffy eyes and helps to oxygenate the skin. It encourages relaxation and a healthy glow. Amethyst is the ultimate stone for healing, encouraging a feeling of calm and helping us connect with our intuition. Find your inner glow by using this tool for morning and twilight relaxation rituals.

Releases toxins from the Body
Reduces Inflammation
Increases blood circulation
Promotes collagen production
Oxygenates the skin
Sculpts and tightens
Relieves muscle tension and pain

Rejuvenates skin
Releases the body of anxiety 
Strengthens the immune system 
Promotes calm and relaxation
Eases tension and headaches
Cleanses heals and protects your energy and aura
Boosts mood
Helps promote a healthy sleep pattern 

Our Gua Shas are made with 100% Natural Amethyst and are engraved with our stamp of authenticity. They are ethically sourced and hand-polished using no chemicals making them non - toxic and vegan. Our Gua Sha crystals are sourced and made in China by a team with over 10 years of experience. It is important to us to source them from the origins of this Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice.

Please note: When you order, the crystal you receive is chosen for you, so colours, shapes and sizes may vary as each crystal is unique. 


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