Jade Crystal Bracelet


Jade is a healing stone promoting good health and abundance. Green Jade is a stone with a heart of healing.  This crystal is pure heart chakra green, and the energies are so strong and steady, one feels a flow of well - being and balance almost immediately upon touching them. It balances and harmonises the heart chakra, aiding in both physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Perfect for:

Releasing negative thoughts 

Nourishing Vibrations 



Strengthening & soothing the energy & nervous system’s 

Affirmation: I love life, and healing flows through me in nourishing abundance. 


* Price is for 1 piece. When you order, the crystal you receive is chosen for you, so colours, shapes and sizes may vary as each crystal is unique. All crystals are cleared, cleansed and charged before being sent out to you *

Sourced at our Local crystal warehouse and originated from Russia. 

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