Selenite Sphere

Selenite will help you to calm and quiet your mind as well as bringing you mental clarity. It removes negative energy and keeps you uplifted. It is often used to ease stress and anxiety because it acts as an emotional healer. If you are looking to connect with yourself spirituality selenite opens the inner self to the spiritual world.

Selenite is perfect for the home because it is good for ridding the environment of any stagnant vibes. Use this selenite crystal sphere in any room that needs protection from harm or negativity.

* Price is for 1 piece. When you order, the crystal you receive is chosen for you, so colours, shapes and sizes may vary as each crystal is unique. All crystals are cleared, cleansed and charged before being sent out to you *

Sourced at our Local crystal warehouse and originated from Morocco and Madagascar.


Size - 3.5 cm diameter


Size - 5cm diameter

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