Selenite Wands


Selenite Crystal Wands 5cm Long - Raw Sticks Satin Spar Rulers Angelic Realm Home Protection

We carefully select selenite wands of approximately 5cm long sticks for you. 

Selenite is known as a powerful cleansing stone. Use it to cleanse the energy around you, your aura or the room, this beautiful crystal brings uplifting and re- energising energy. Selenites calcium and sulfur base stimulates the emotional body and compels one to move forward with ones life. It’s calming energy instils deep peace.

Perfect for: 

Clearing energetic blockages 

Energy Flow

Cleansing Aura 


Physical Healing 

Spiritual Activation 

Communication with higher self, spirit guides and angels 


* Price is for 1 piece. Unless bought as a set. When you order, the crystal you receive is chosen for you, so colours, shapes and sizes may vary as each crystal is unique. All crystals are cleared, cleansed and charged before being sent out to you *

Sourced at our Local crystal warehouse and originated from Morocco 

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